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Frequently asked questions


How long does a tutoring session last?

Tutoring session duration varies depending on the student's level and needs. Here's a general guideline:

  • Elementary & Lower Secondary (Ages 5-14): 40-50 minutes
  • Upper Secondary & University (Ages 15+): 60 minutes (may extend to 90 minutes based on focus and complexity)

We tailor sessions to optimize learning. While these are general lengths, we adjust the duration to fit the students' specific needs and attention span.

What is Eduvik?

Eduvik is a platform that serves as a centralized hub for a wide network of tutors and tutoring companies. It provides a convenient online space where various support providers with diverse experiences, backgrounds, specializations, and rates operate from.

Voor ouders en bijlesstudenten

Is tutoring tax deductible in Belgium?

No, unfortunately, tutoring is not tax deductible in Belgium. In contrast to childcare, which does qualify for tax relief, tutoring falls under the category “additional costs for teaching courses”. For more information, check out our blog post.

Is tutoring useful?

The effectiveness of tutoring varies depending on factors such as the student, the teacher and the methods used. Although studies consistently show it can be a major help for students, tutoring does not guarantee success.
It is important to understand the student's needs and find an appropriate tutor. Should you seek help with this, do not hesitate to contact the Eduvik team.
Ultimately, parents and students must decide for themselves whether tutoring is the right choice.

Is the tutoring done online or in person?

The choice is up to you. You can specify your preference in your tutoring request. You can either choose a teacher who offers online tutoring or opt for in-person sessions in your area, either at the teacher's place, at your home, or in a public location. Please note that for online tutoring, qualified teachers often apply within one day, whereas physical availability is bound to the region and may take up to 14 days to arrange.

Is online tutoring even effective?

Absolutely! Online tutoring lessons have proven to be highly effective and flexible. Since the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've gathered numerous positive experiences that highlight the value of online learning. Here are some reasons why online tutoring is an excellent option:

  • Flexibility: Online tutoring offers students the freedom to participate from any location, making it convenient for busy students with irregular schedules.
  • Variety in learning resources: Online platforms allow teachers to integrate various resources such as videos, interactive exercises, and digital tools into their lessons, enriching the learning experience.
  • Comfort and convenience: Students can take lessons from the comfort of their own rooms, eliminating stress and travel time. This promotes a relaxed learning environment and saves parents time.
  • Technological support: Modern technologies offer interactive features like screen sharing, online whiteboards, and chat functions, improving communication between teachers and students.

Therefore, we highly recommend considering online tutoring. The benefits extend beyond convenience to an enriched learning experience and effective knowledge transfer. If you're not convinced after one lesson, we can still search for a tutor who can teach in person.

How do I request support from Eduvik?

As a parent or student, you can create a free account. With this account, you can submit a tutoring request without any obligation. This request will be shared with all teachers in our network, who can then apply to fulfill the request. Afterward, you can view the interested teachers and choose the one that best suits you or your student.

How does payment work?

Payments are settled every 2 to 4 weeks and should be transferred directly to the tutor or tutoring company. Please note that the destination of the payments may vary for different tutors, so please check the payment email and account number carefully.

How much does a lesson cost?

At Eduvik, we prioritize transparency in our fee structure. On average, the cost for an hour of individual tutoring ranges between €20 and €35. Several factors determine the price per hour, including the educational level of the student and the specific teacher chosen. Here are some key factors that influence the price proposal you will receive: 

  • Education level: The level of education for which tutoring is sought can impact costs. More advanced subjects at higher levels may result in slightly higher rates.
  • Teacher's experience: Teachers with more experience or specializations may have a slightly higher hourly rate. However, these experienced teachers can offer valuable expertise.
  • Location of tutoring: The location of the tutoring may also influence costs. On-site tutoring may incur additional expenses compared to online tutoring.

When a teacher applies to a tutoring request, the exact hourly rate is clearly visible. This empowers parents and students to make informed decisions based on their needs and budget.

If you find it challenging to afford these average hourly rates, please reach out to us to learn more about the Educare initiative.

How does Eduvik guarantee the quality of tutoring?

We implement a two-part quality control system: affiliated tutoring companies conduct internal quality control, while the platform gathers feedback from parents, tutoring students, and tutors after each lesson. We are always open to feedback and aim to proactively resolve any issues. If you are not satisfied with a lesson, please inform us. We will gladly address any concerns and find an appropriate solution.

What if I am not happy about a lesson I received?

Please inform us of any issues you encounter! We are committed to resolving problems promptly or find you a more suitable teacher.

How do I give feedback after a lesson?

At Eduvik, we highly value your feedback, whether it's positive or constructive. Your input helps us maintain and continually enhance the quality of our service.
Providing feedback after a tutoring session is a straightforward and effective process:

  1. Log in to the platform: Access your Eduvik account and log in using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the relevant lesson: Locate the tutoring session for which you wish to provide feedback. You can do this by accessing your lessons' history.
  3. Select the option for review: Within the details of the tutoring session, you'll find a section dedicated to sharing your feedback. Here, you can highlight what went well, suggest areas for improvement, and provide any specific comments you'd like to share.
  4. Utilize the star rating: Eduvik employs a star rating system. Offer an overall rating by selecting stars, with five stars representing the highest score.
  5. Provide specific comments: Alongside the star rating, we encourage you to include specific comments. These may focus on the lesson content, the teacher's approach, or other relevant aspects.
  6. Send your feedback: Once you're satisfied with your feedback, submit it to send it to us. Rest assured, we take every comment seriously and use it to improve our offering.

Voor lesgevers

Can anybody tutor?

The short answer: Yes.

In principle, anyone can give private lessons. You can teach via different legal systems, including the sharing economy, which allows you to start immediately.
Some choose to work as a self-employed student or as a self-employed person in addition to their main job, which may be interesting depending on your situation. However, we also have a screening process to ensure that every teacher on our platform is qualified.

So yes, you can tutor after going through our screening process, and depending on your situation, other legal systems may be more advantageous.

How can I work as a tutor with Eduvik?

You can work with us as a tutor under the following legal systems:

1. Sharing Economy: Through the sharing economy, you can provide services to others at a favorable tax rate of 10.7%. You can start immediately under the sharing economy without signing any documents. This option is suitable for employees, students, job seekers, retirees, and self-employed individuals (as a secondary employment). You can earn up to €7,170 per year in the sharing economy, and the Eduvik platform automatically provides you with the necessary tax return sheet at the end of the year. Wages are always communictated after VAT and taxation.

2. Self-Employed: You can register with us as self-employed or self-employed student. Here, there are no restrictions on your income, and your invoicing is handled automatically through the Eduvik platform. As a self-employed student, you are also exempt from personal income tax, tax returns, and social security contributions if you earn less than €8,430.73 per year.

3. Tutoring Company: Tutoring companies can also join Eduvik to automate all administrative processes and to get access to a list of students in need of help.

When can I no longer work as a self-employed student?

Your status as a self-employed student ends in the quarter in which you are no longer self-employed, no longer meet the required study conditions, or renounce the status. For instance, if you discontinue your studies in December (which corresponds to the first quarter of the academic year), you will lose your student self-employed status starting from the beginning of that quarter.

There is also an age limit: the status ends automatically on September 30 of the calendar year in which you turn 25, regardless of your specific birth date.

For the procedure and required documents to end this status, please refer to the following link:

Why are you combining different (small) tutoring companies on one platform?

We bundle the power of small tutoring companies for several reasons:

  1. Personal Approach: The limited size of tutoring offices allows for a personal approach for both you and the students. No one is just a number in the system.
  2. Elimination of Middle Layer: The middle layer present in traditional tutoring agencies disappears due to simplified administration processes.
  3. Specialization: Tutoring companies can choose to specialize in a particular subject area to assist targeted students effectively.
  4. Healthy Competition: Different tutoring companies ensure healthy competition, promoting quality services at fair prices.
  5. Better Overview: By centralizing broadly, students and parents seeking support gain a better overview of the available supply.
  6. Transparency: We keep everything about operations and prices as transparent as possible, so you know exactly how much you are paying to each party.
What are the conditions in order to work as a self-employed student?

To work as a self-employed student, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Age: You are between 18 and 25 years old.
  2. Enrollment: You are studying at an educational institution in Belgium or abroad.
  3. Study Load: You are registered for at least 27 credits per year or 17 hours per week to obtain a recognized diploma in Belgium. Additionally, you must regularly attend classes, participate in exams for at least 27 credits, or be recognized as a student-entrepreneur by the educational institution.
  4. Employment Status: You are self-employed and have no relationship of authority with the company that employs you.
  5. Application Process: The status can only be applied for through your social insurance fund. As of 2023, this application incurs a one-time fee of 105.50 EUR.

These criteria ensure that self-employed student maintain their status while pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.

How much do I get paid as a tutor?

Your pay depends on how you choose to work with us:

  1. Affiliated Tutoring Companies: You can apply to the tutoring companies in our network and negotiate your pay directly with them. Typical rates range between €18 and €30 per hour, depending on your level of expertise and the specifics of the tutoring assignment.
  2. Sharing Economy: If you opt to work under sharing economy model, you will earn €18 net per hour.
  3. Fixed Cost: Alternatively, you can choose to get started for a fixed cost of €25 per month (excluding VAT), and then set your own price for each tutoring session.

We are happy to discuss with you which formula suits you best.

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