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Loic Van Hoeserlande
Aug 30, 2023

Solutio Acquires Eduvik

Solutio, a promising start-up headquartered in Hoeilaart, has recently ventured into the tutoring arena with its acquisition of Eduvik, a renowned tutoring network in Belgium. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in Solutio's growth trajectory and heralds an exciting transformation in the tutoring landscape.

This development, as reported by Kanaal Z, unlocks new avenues for Solutio and substantially broadens the company's footprint within the education sector. But what makes this acquisition noteworthy, and what implications does it hold for tutoring providers and students alike?

An Innovative Approach
Solutio distinguishes itself from traditional tutoring platforms through its innovative approach, placing a strong emphasis on automation to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Affordable Tutoring
Central to Solutio's mission is its commitment to making tutoring affordable for all students. By foregoing a margin per hour, the platform circumvents inflated tutoring costs, rendering tutoring more accessible to a broader demographic.

A Win-Win for Tutors and Parents
Transparency lies at the heart of Solutio's ethos. Parents can submit applications on the platform at no cost and without obligation, allowing tutors to respond with their pricing. This empowers parents to select the tutor best suited to their needs.

With the acquisition of Eduvik, Solutio aspires to cultivate a future where tutoring is more accessible and impactful for all students. This strategic move signals a positive shift in the tutoring landscape and holds promise for fresh opportunities for tutors and students alike.

For the complete report from Kanaal Z, please follow this link: watch the original report

Picture taken by Kanaal Z.

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