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Jan Kunnen
Jan 21, 2024

Eduvik @ School facilitating Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

The Problem:

There's a rising demand for extracurricular educational support, leading to a burgeoning private market of often unaffordable tutoring services. This exacerbates disparities in educational opportunities.

Our Solution:
Eduvik offers a platform where students or parents can create a free account and post tutoring requests accessible to all tutoring agencies in our network. Teachers from these agencies can then propose assistance based on hourly rates, background, and quality scores. Our digital platform streamlines tracking and billing of tutoring services.

Eduvik @ School:
We aim to foster student-to-student tutoring within schools. Collaborating with one or more teachers, we facilitate this initiative. Students are encouraged to provide free tutoring to peers through our platform. This initiative promotes resume-building, entrepreneurial skills, leadership, and civic engagement.

Utilizing our existing platform, we enable schools to establish their own "tutoring office" managed by designated teachers. Schools can set teacher salaries and parent costs, even offering tutoring for free if desired (€0 option available).

Students gain valuable experience, enhance academic skills, and build resumes while receiving free educational support. Schools benefit from expanded support options, a stronger internal network, and enhanced student responsibility.

Why Eduvik?
Our initiative aligns with our mission to foster fairness in the tutoring market. Since introducing "The Network of Tutoring Agencies" in October 2022, we've been dedicated to leveling the playing field. Student-led tutoring represents a significant stride in this direction.

Access to our platform and the ability to serve as a school tutoring office are free of charge. If tutoring within the school is free, there's no charge to the school or parents. If fees apply, we impose a one-time administrative fee of €10 per family when paired with a tutoring teacher within the school. Additionally, we request participating schools to promote Eduvik to students and parents through various channels, which we're open to discussing collaboratively.

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