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Tips and Tricks
Loic Van Hoeserlande
Mar 12, 2024

3 Scenarios in Which Your Child Does Not Need Tutoring

As parents and teachers, we sometimes jump too quickly to the conclusion that tutoring is needed. However, this is certainly not always the case. Here are 3 scenarios in which your child may not necessarily need tutoring.

Scenario 1: Poor Grades on a Single Test
When your son or daughter scores poorly on one test, it does not automatically mean that he or she immediately needs tutoring. There could be several reasons why that one test was slightly lower:

  • The test was unexpected.
  • Your child studied the wrong material.
  • Your child had a bad day.

One bad grade does not automatically indicate a systematic problem. Work together with your child to understand the reason for this setback.

Scenario 2: Dislike for a Specific Subject
Everyone has their favorite and less favorite subjects. Typically, we score lower on subjects that interest us less. This does not mean that your child immediately needs tutoring for that subject.
Often, changing teachers or years can make a huge difference. Each teacher has their own approach, and there isn't always a 'connection' with the student. In primary, secondary, and higher education, the curriculum varies from year to year. The less favorable subject this year may become a favorite next year.

Scenario 3: Your child asks for tutoring
If your child asks for tutoring, it does not mean that you need to immediately seek additional help. Here, too, it's best to pause and listen to why the child is making this request.Your child may ask for tutoring because:

  • He or she thinks they don't understand the subject anymore when in fact they just don't grasp a particular topic.
  • Their friends are also receiving tutoring.
  • Other students are getting better grades.
  • They think they won't need to study anymore.

It's important to discuss with your child whether tutoring is the right solution.

It's not easy to recognize whether a child needs tutoring. Involving a tutor is an important step. It's essential to listen to all signals and not focus on one aspect.
Are you unsure if your child needs tutoring? Feel free to contact us without obligation. We're happy to help you evaluate if tutoring could be a solution for your child.

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