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Aram Lissens
Feb 19, 2024

The Story of LiLa Tutoring

It's recognizable situation to juggle academic responsibilities alongside extracurricular pursuits as a student. For Aram Lissens, a civil engineering student, and his friend Jasper Laitem, founding LiLa Tutoring at Eduvik marked a courageous venture into uncharted territory. It began as a seed of an idea, fueled by a shared enthusiasm for tutoring and a yearning for entrepreneurship.

The Birth of LiLa Tutoring
Last summer, Aram stumbled upon the concept of "tribes" at Eduvik. Intrigued by the prospect of merging tutoring with entrepreneurship, he took the leap. Alongside Jasper, LiLa Tutoring was born—a name symbolizing their joint dedication and fervor for assisting fellow students.

Tutoring in the Digital Sphere
During his Erasmus stint in Helsinki, Aram witnessed the true potential of modern technology. Armed with just an Internet connection, he seamlessly continued tutoring from anywhere. This underscored the flexibility and convenience of tutoring in the digital realm—an aspect crucial to LiLa Tutoring's ethos.

Growth and Collaboration
Backed by Eduvik's support and bolstered by LiLa Tutoring's expanding team, the tribe began to thrive. What originated as a brainchild between two friends burgeoned into a tight-knit community of students united in enhancing the educational landscape.

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