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Jan Kunnen
Feb 27, 2024

Eduvik: the Administrative Platform for Tutoring Companies

Two decades ago, my journey as a tutoring teacher commenced during my third-grade years. Fueled by a fervor for math and physics, I swiftly became a sought-after tutor among classmates and neighbors. As demand grew, I founded my own tutoring office, Solutio, in 2016.

Navigating Administrative Hurdles
However, with the expansion of our tutoring office came inevitable challenges. Manual tracking of lessons and teachers via shared Excel files proved laborious and inefficient. These frustrations propelled the development of the Solutio platform, a customized IT solution that streamlined administrative processes.

The Quest for an Effective IT Platform
Yet, it soon became apparent that our in-house solution had limitations. Costly IT hours restricted our ability to create a fully tailored platform. Each update and maintenance task incurred substantial financial investments, particularly burdensome for a small office like ours.

Enter Eduvik: A Solution for Tutoring Companies
Driven by shared frustrations and a collective vision, Matthias, Loic, and I embarked on developing Eduvik, an admin platform designed to alleviate the administrative burdens faced by tutoring organizations. Our mission is clear: to provide a comprehensive solution that negates the need for individual organizations to invest in developing and maintaining their administrative tools.

Gaining Momentum
Our conviction that such a platform was essential resonated with others. Eduvik received support from VLAIO, imec.istart, StartIt@KBC, and FIT, providing invaluable resources for refinement and enhancement. With unwavering dedication and robust backing, Eduvik is poised to revolutionize the landscape of tutoring support.

For tutoring organizations grappling with administrative challenges, I extend a warm invitation to explore the possibilities with Eduvik. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your operations.

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