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Jan Kunnen
Jan 31, 2024

Educare: Who? What? How?

In an era where equal opportunity in education takes center stage, Eduvik, formerly known as Solutio, emerges as a significant force in educational support. With a specific emphasis on tutoring, its impact transcends traditional classroom boundaries. Currently active in the tutoring market in Flanders and exploring international prospects, Eduvik harbors a mission that extends beyond mere academic assistance.

Eduvik's Mission: Inclusive Education
Eduvik positions itself as an innovative educational platform dedicated to delivering tutoring services and championing equal opportunities in the educational arena. This mission finds reinforcement in its recently established initiative, Solutio Care asbl, soon to be rebranded as EduCare.

Educare, a Cornerstone of our Mission
At the core of EduCare lies a commitment to inclusivity. Recognizing that fees can sometimes pose a barrier to students and parents, EduCare introduces a program where external sponsors can underwrite tutoring hours. These sponsors have the potential to offer financial or material support, directly advancing Eduvik's mission.

Tutoring for €1/h thanks to Sponsoring
Financial contributions pave the way for tutoring rates as low as €10/h or even €1/h, ensuring educational support is accessible to all. Material sponsorship helps foster an educational environment that is equitable for everyone, irrespective of their background.

An Initiative of Partnerships
Eduvik operates in partnership with organizations linked to marginalized groups. These collaborators refer parents and students to Eduvik, initiating a network of educational advocates. Through dialogue, flexible pricing, and direct assistance, this initiative lies at the heart of Eduvik's endeavors.

So, how can you contribute to the pursuit of equal educational opportunities? Your support holds the potential to transform countless lives. Discover how you can become a partner by reaching out to Eduvik. Together, we forge an inclusive educational landscape for all.

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