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Loic Van Hoeserlande
Feb 10, 2021

COVID-19 and its Educational Ramifications

In January, we had the opportunity to contribute to an article in De Tijd, which shed light on the surging demand for tutoring in the wake of the pandemic outbreak. Undoubtedly, many pupils and students are grappling with significant learning setbacks due to the disruptive effects of Covid-19.

Limited Motivation and Structure During Lockdown
The article, titled "It's all hands on deck to pick up the points" (De Tijd, Saturday, January 23, 2021), underscores a critical issue: students are confronted with vast amounts of unstructured learning, a departure from their accustomed routines. As a tutoring organization, it is incumbent upon us to furnish students with tailored assistance, not only to rectify learning deficits but also to reignite their enthusiasm for learning.
Not all educational institutions have been able to orchestrate effective distance learning. For educators engaged in daily instruction, delivering new material to remote student groups presents a formidable challenge. Interaction in large-scale digital classrooms is often scant, leading to student disengagement. Moreover, many educators lack the requisite proficiency and experience in digital pedagogy. Small-group tutoring sessions led by teachers with digital expertise can thus emerge as a potent solution.

Consequence: Learning Delays Due to Corona
Unsurprisingly, the Covid-19 pandemic has exerted a pronounced impact on academic performance. Last year, school closures spanning March to May precipitated significant learning setbacks for numerous students. At Eduvik, learners in the second and third grades, toggling between remote and in-person learning, grappled with notable delays. In such cases, a few tutoring sessions to address missed content can yield remarkable results. If you suspect that your student has encountered learning setbacks due to the pandemic, we encourage you to avail of our free consultation services.
The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought profound changes upon the educational landscape, compelling students and educators alike to navigate uncharted waters. Flexibility, innovation, and collaboration have emerged as linchpins in bridging learning gaps and rekindling student motivation.

You can access the full article in De Tijd via this link: Read article

Picture property of De Tijd.

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