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Loic Van Hoeserlande
Apr 2, 2022

40% of High School Teachers Recommend Tutoring

We frequently receive inquiries from journalists seeking insights into trends and developments in education in Flanders. As authorities in the tutoring domain, we are keen to offer our perspectives on the sector's current landscape.

Exponential Increase in Demand for Tutoring
Recently, Het Nieuwsblad approached us to gather our thoughts on an emerging trend: an increasing number of educators are recommending tutoring courses to their students. This uptick in referrals stems from various factors, including the teacher shortage and a broader decline in educational attainment witnessed in recent times. Moreover, there has been a surge in tutoring requests, outstripping the available supply, thereby leading to escalating standard rates.

On a Mission to Make Tutoring More Accesible
At Eduvik, we are committed to actively addressing this trend. We do so by departing from conventional margin structures per tutoring session and extending support to schools through initiatives like peer-to-peer tutoring and in-school homework assistance.

Interested in delving deeper into this subject? You can access the full article in Het Nieuwsblad through the following link: Read article

Picture by Kurt for Het Nieuwsblad.

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